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Light Goliath

A living composition that eats light from the audience

LIGHT GOLIATH is a living composition, and like all living things it must eat. Light emitted in the darkened space nourishes the piece via ethereal sonic veins.


When night falls again, LIGHT GOLIATH returns with renewed, yet constantly decaying strength. Dynamic, responsive lighting is ubiquitous in live performance; it accentuates and elevates sonic experience. The audience once sought to communicate+commune with performers using lighters, now they wave cell phone flashlights. What if this practice were an instrument?


Interactive Musical System / Performance, 2021


Max MSP | Computer Vision


HYDRA, John Knowless Paine Concert Hall, December 2021

HYPERFEST, MIT Media Lab, December 2021

Music System Interaction

The audience feeding LIGHT GOLIATH

Lights registered in Max MSP

Excerpt of performance at MIT Media Lab

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