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what is cigair?

a small device that looks and feels like a cigarette yet contains no tobacco, nicotine, or vapors.

who is it for?

those who would like to cut down on smoking or eliminate cigarettes from their daily routine.

how does it work?

the patent-pending design satisfies the urge to smoke by mimicking the air resistance felt when drawing upon a cigarette. this sensation and the oral fixation/familiar motor activity implicit in usage of cigair make it easy to forget you're not smoking.

how do I use it?

use cigair like you would any cigarette. bring it to your mouth and take a drag.

where can I use it?

anywhere you like! cigair is not a vaporizer and is not meant to be lit.

20% of cigair profits go to charity?

yes! your purchase will help to fund lung disease research and prevention initiatives by the American Lung Association

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